Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Review of The Help

I must tell you all about this book I read, to many of you it will look familiar.

What most of you need to know about me is I don't like reading very much. When I was in the second grade I was diagnosed with dyslexia. After many years of extra help and going to summer school every year, I just never had a want to read for pleasure. I almost hated reading and sometimes as a grown woman I still have problems when people ask me to read them numbers or a few lines from something. The last time I read a book from beginning to end was years ago. Don't get me wrong now I always read articles, blogs and craft books, just not any novels.
 Then this book came along. It took me a week to finish, in between taking care of the kids and sewing, I made little bits of time everyday. I felt like I was watching a movie and I kept getting interrupted. This is a great one to pick up and share with all your friends. I enjoyed that the author did not feel the need to describe every leaf on a tree or the texture of the fabric on the couch. It was simple and to the point. I almost cried a couple of times and laughed plenty of times. I am looking forward to seeing the movie and maybe finding another book to read soon.

Whats for dinner? We are having Taco Salad.

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