Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chubby Girls

I think most of you all know by now I purchase older patterns and sell them. It is fun and neat to see all the older styles of clothes. I came across one that made me a little upset to be honest, take a look.

Can you see what the fine print says???? (not suitable for chubby girls) WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!
First its a tent dress people, what a better way for a chubby girl to cover up. This company would so not be able to get away with this kind of thing today, I guess in 1967 you could get away with this. When I mentioned it to my sister she was shocked and said you have to blog about it, so here I am. 
What do you all think? To see more of the patterns I have take a look at my shop click here. 

Whats for dinner? We are having turkey tenderloin, rice and vegies.

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