Friday, August 26, 2011

Interrogation of Creepymama

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Creepymama a couple of weeks ago and asked her what her 5,4,3,2,1 things were.

5 People that inspire you
   Creepymama- My dad, Gris Grimly, Christo Moore, my kids and music

4 Tools you cant live without
   Creepymama- pencils, paper, imagination and my paints

3 things that make you work unique
  Creepymama- I would have to say the creepy feel it has, I think its cute, and its unusual.

2 Mistakes you have made in the past?
   Creepymama- Not getting money up front, wont ever do that again, also I would have to say when I rush through the work and it doesnt turn out how I had imagined it.

1 Project you are proud of
    Creepymama- the car shopping picture
    Creepymama- It has tounge and cheek humor, its a witch on a broom looking for a new broom car I love it. She also drew this picture of me and my children.

I couldn't be a more proud sister.
Well everybody that my sister Melissa Z. you can follow her blog at or on twitter @creepymama4 

Whats for dinner tonight????
We are having delish tacos!

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  1. how fun was that. thank you! i enjoyed reading :)