Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Craft Space

Its about time I share my craft space. It is in our bedroom, thank goodness the hubs is OK with it all. The hubs helped me create so much of this space too, turning the closet into a desk.

Its works for me.

This is the spool rack he made me this weekend.

My daughter made me this place mat last Mothers Day!

Some of my books and a little of the embroidery thread, the rest is hiding under the desk.

                   My sewing machine area another place mat from my other daughter.

                         My lovely large tote I am out growing with all my material.

This desk is a 1940s school teacher desk. I used it years ago passed it to my sisters boys (mistake). I got it back with some colorful language written all over it. My ever so talented husband worked on it and got it back to AWESOME! I love it so much.

Across from my desk is my growing pile of things for the craft show my sister and I are doing on the 3rd and 4th of next month. 
Well I hope you enjoyed the tour.

On the menu tonight Taco salad.
What are you having?

Later peeps.

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