Thursday, March 28, 2013

Update on Victoria

 Victoria is doing well and will be coming home tomorrow. We are both anxious, nervous and so much more. Victoria has a mental health issue known as Borderline Personality Disorder. Right now she can not be technically diagnosed until she is 18, because in the mental health world your personality doesn't develop until you are 18. I have been reading a book called
 Stop Walking on Egg Shells, which has made so much sense of so many things from when she was a little girl until now. Victoria suffers from a very deep rooted depression that will take a very long time to help her come out of. We work together as a family to build her up so she can hopefully see what we see one day. Therapy will continue through an IOP, Intensive Outpatient Therapy,  program in Stockton 2-3 times a week. It will be a long, slow, intense process and I just have to have hope that my beautiful girl will see a light at the end of the road. 

I get asked everyday how are you doing? Well lets be honest in my 38 years of life so far this has been the most difficult thing I have gone through. Some days are better than others. I feel a lot of different emotions to be honest. I am sad she has to feel this way, I am not looking forward to driving so much, I am not ready for the financial strain this will put on our little family. I was just starting to apply for jobs and this all happened. My ever so patient husband and family say this is my job right now. We are taking it one day at a time for now and hope for the best. 

I appreciate all your messages, texts and calls. 

Just for kicks Whats for dinner?
We are having a jambalaya kind of thing I hope the kids like it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Last 8 Days of our life.

Where do I start? First you should read this from my sister.

People tell you the love you will have for your children is like nothing else you've experienced before. It is boundless, an all encompassing feeling that aches in a good way.
You obviously have no idea who your child will be, but whoever it is you will love.
Mental illness puts a huge strain on that relationship. When a child struggles with depression, anxiety and other emotional issues, that love is stretched, tested in ways unimaginable.
My niece struggles with these problems and I've witnessed the lowest lows and the brightest love all at the same time. Recently my niece attempted to commit suicide, which landed her in the pediatric intensive care unit. She had restraints on her arms because she was combative, a danger to herself and others. At this point we were told that her liver might be so damaged that she would need a liver transplant, other complications could come up and death was a possibility. She needed to be monitored.
She was hallucinating, having delusions that everyone was against her. She was becoming more agitated and suddenly started to try to rip off her restraints. She got one off before we got to her. It took 6 people to hold her down. She screamed at the top of her lungs that she wanted to go home. She said many things out of anger. My sister got in her face to talk her down. I could see my sister struggling to try every tactic she could come up with, while all of us held her down, waiting for the strong medication in the IV to take effect. What finally broke me down was when my sister told her daughter she was there to save her. That she would do everything in her power so that she could live. She wanted to look at her beautiful face, to take her in every inch of her.
In that moment I understood my sister's deep strength and love. Her daughter struggling with every fiber of her being against all her mother's efforts. A mother's love does not quit.
The medication finally took effect and my niece calmed down, still having hallucinations but cooperating and even joking.
I will never forget these moments, my sister and her daughter in their own bubble.  The love that radiated from mother to her daughter, in the darkest time of her young life. 

My younger sister could not have put it more beautifully.
 When my ex husband drove me home from the hospital on Sunday all I could think was if I didn't push so hard for her to have dinner she would have chocked on her vomit and be dead, he looked over at me and said you are a hero I said no I am a mom. I only slept an hour and a half that night the next morning my sister drove me to the hospital where Victoria was in ICU. When the doctor was telling us what was going on and death, liver transplant were still on the table I couldnt hear anymore, Violet asked all the questions and made all the calls that needed to be made. Victoria was saying things to me in her fit of rage I have never heard from my children, I hate you, I will have your children taken away from you, you should have let me die etc. 
I am doing my best to keep things as normal as I can for the rest of my children but inside I feel empty, I cant focus, I want to hold her, feel her hair, tell her it will be OK. I wait everyday for the phone to ring so we can talk, I leave messages for her and when we do talk I keep it light and easy. 
For now we are here and we continue to move forward getting her the help she needs. It is a day by day process. I am seeking therapy for myself to help me cope.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I have been doing

 Mouse in a tin
 So many giraffes
 Making my daughter drawing into a doll
 Owls coming out of my ears

All of these and so much more can be found in our Etsy store

Friday, July 20, 2012

Talking To Children.

Children are the most interesting creatures on this planet, except giraffes possibly (I'm still trying to figure out what noise they make, do they make a noise?). Go ask your kids a question, and I promise you, you'll get one of the most interesting answers you've ever heard.
Or all the questions they ask. The constant badgering may seem annoying, but they're so curious. They ask incredibly thoughtful questions (sometimes) and you might not even notice. My stepson once asked, "Where's a good place to hide when the world ends?" and my fifteen-year-old turned it into a song.
Kids are strange, definitely. They cry over the simplest things, like my daughter right now, she's sobbing over her soda that got drank, and not by her. My other daughter has cried over how high her ponytail was. My son has cried over his Legos. But kids are amazing little things. They bounce back from accidents with only a few tears, maybe anger for a bit, but there's not grudges like adults have. They remember the weirdest things--like that time they went to a restaurant, but not their siblings' birthdays, the words to a song, but not what they did during school that day.
They want to rebel constantly, do what they're told not to do, while other times all they want to do is impress mom and dad and do everything exactly right.
Kids are strange, definitely, but extremely interesting. So next time you talk to your kid, ask some questions, listen to answers, maybe write them down so you can show them when they're older.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pimping my sister

 Isnt she good? This one is Mommys day off
 The famous Olive Oil
 This is a family portrait she did of a local family.
 This is the not me
 This one is after my other sister who is a nurse.
 This is the three of us
This one is of a office family.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New items and sales

 So many new things coming to both shop keep your eyes peeled for the new things, new prices and specials.

Look at this lumber Jack doll
 New clutches I started making. I challenged myself and look I did it. I also got and offer for a shop to sell these besides my own YAY.
 A bunch of new patterns coming to the shop.
Look at this cutie I love the vibrant color!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Shes Gone

I have been thinking about this post all day today. Where should I start, the beginning I guess :). Our somewhat little family has been through a lot lately. My 15 year olds depression seems to be a little bit worse than her therapist had thought, so now we will be going to more groups. I have started Parent Project and find it very informative and much needed. I wish this class was mandatory for all people who have kids. It is a 9 week course once a week for 3 hours an hour away from home, I make it when I can and read the lessons when I cant make it. 
The three younger kids I think are feeling the loss of life from their mom and that makes me sad. I feel so drained at the end of the day and emotionally done. My husband, God bless this man, said there is nothing left of you when I get home. Something you don't want to hear from your spouse. It made me really think I need to be more mindful in the moment of whatever I am doing. I started watching more kid movies with the little kids and to have them fight over who sits next to me is kinda nice. We planted a garden my husband and I spend some time out there together. We actually had a date day doing our errands the other day and that was much needed. But for the past 2 months there was a growing pain in my heart couldn't put my finger on it until it happened, my 18 year old daughter moved out to start her new job, at Target YAY, and go to college. How do you let someone go that you have put so much work into? This empty feeling is so big I hate it. Don't get me wrong she needs to go and start her life, learn new things, grow and thrive. I just really wasn't expecting feeling like this. I miss her yelling MAM from her room, telling me all about her day, things she wants to do. I miss her in a way I have never missed anyone. I think it is mostly because she is my first child, I had her when I was 19 and some of the time we were growing up together. I did a good job I can confidently say that. I only wish her the best, many blessings everyday, so much joy she doesn't know what to do with it and for the love of ketchup she saves a little money. I love you Mary more than you understand. 
I have to do this 4 more times oh man!     

Whats for dinner? I am having a quesadilla with an egg and avocado.