Saturday, June 25, 2011


I think today was an okay yard sale day. Having the kids in tow made it a little more difficult. Do they really have to walk right in front of everything I'm trying to look at? Jeez man, space children, space! I wanted to give up after a little bit but I didn't, and happened to come across this beautiful statue, bottle topper thing. The owner told me she bought it from an estate sale. This lovely ceramic hand painted woman was a bottle topper of some sort she had a man partner and the estate sale people decided we want to keep him not her. Makes me feel bad for her in a way. Maybe in her future she will meet up with him again. I think I would use this as a table decoration for a party, she is almost 16 inches tall. Maybe in a beautiful English garden tending to some flowers. I will fill you in when she is on to her next destination, where her green line takes her.

Till next time, keep it random

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