Monday, September 26, 2011

Estate Sale

So earlier last week I read in the paper there was an Estate sale for a woman who had passed in the next town over. I ask my sister Melissa you wanna go? We make our plans and she picks me up on Saturday morning at 7:45 and we head off. To my surprise there is a line down the sidewalk. When we are all let into this womans yard people start shoving, running and being so rude. Of course I am here like everyone else to get things to put in my shop. With all the chaos I end up standing next to a women who I look at and say this is so crazy, she agrees and explains to me she went to school with the son of the woman who passed and everyone knew she had nice things. I told her well I guess that's why we are all here but people can still be respectful of her things and to her son, who was the cashier. I also mention things are priced way to cheap, she said I was sweet and we shook hands. I make my way through all the people to find my sister who is digging through 2 storage containers of purses. We look at each other and get in line to pay. When we pay I tell the son I am sorry for his loss and he said thank you very much, I felt like I caught him off guard in a good way though. Then he tells me the box with all the salt and pepper shakers I was buying was one of his mothers favorite collections.

When we were younger my father would buy all the contents of a house after a person has passed. He always taught us be kind to the people, respectful of their situation and always remember they took a lifetime to collect these things. I guess a lot of other people dont feel the same way.

So here is what I picked up

I really liked this older doll, I am so curious about her story I guess I will have to make one up. Well thats all for now..

Whats for dinner?  We are having leftovers...

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