Thursday, September 8, 2011

Craft Fair Flop??????

Here we made a display for my sisters artwork. She got so much interest it was great.

 here are the dolls I made and some last minute little monsters.
We both made some magnets from things we had around our houses.

I put out some of my felt food and dessert plates my hubs put together. I had one girl come back several times to look at the cherry pie so I sent it to her on Tuesday, I got the sweetest note from her yesterday.

My sister Violet (who doesn't craft much but helped us set up and brought us coffee) and the Artist of the family Creepymama.

Our set up, after a couple of hours I decided to move everything just because we were not getting kids looking at the beads.
And here are all the beads!!
After a hot two days and all the work we made enough to pay for the booth. Creepymama did get a deposit for a portrait WOOT WOOT. My mom of all people ordered a doll :] I wish I had gone into this more with the thinking that this would be a learning experience. So now I am glad we did it, I met fellow crafters, learned what I need to work on more and had fun hanging out with my sisters.
So I am off to get more things done! 

What for dinner?? We are having chicken of some sort....                                                                                                      

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