Monday, August 22, 2011



I see this word in my sleep weather I want to or not. I read an article a month ago about having a successful Etsy shop, one key thing is to post an item everyday. I struggled with this for a little while, when would I have the time to, how will my nephew I babysit everyday let me???? I liked posting all at one time.
I can do this!!! So I made a schedule for myself 

5:30- get up and ready make lunches
6:30- get kids up and ready for school
After walking kids to school come back and clean the house with the baby until he naps.
9:00- Blog, Etsy, social sites, pictures, research, ETC….
When baby wakes up lunch time
1:30- pick up Giana
3:00- all kids home
And pretty much the rest of my day is dedicated to them and making a meal that tastes fabulous.

So last week was the first week of this schedule and it worked fantastic. I got to post everyday shop sales were great and I actually made a couple good dinners.
Have a great Monday all!!