Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New doll???

My grandmother was a crafter from back in the day. She made pillows, stuffed animals, a variety of dolls she had a signature doll the Raggedy Ann dolls. Look at her business card from years ago...

So plain and simple I love it
I would spend so much time at her house when I was younger stuffing a variety of things and cleaning her house. She would always lose her afternoon cup of coffee, we would go on the hunt for it, half the time it was in the microwave.
She has been retired for a few years now. I however have had a life long dream to make my own Raggedy Ann doll. I decided to put a little twist on it...

Excuse the pictures I didn't want to go where the light was better. So this is Franken Ann... What do you think? I cant tell you the enormous amount of pride that I have, having made one all by myself. I did have my hubs get mine down after I was done to see how my grandma did the hair, that was frustrating. :{ So now I am working on a Zombie Ann. You will soon see her!!
Have a great day all!

Whats for dinner?
We are having BBQ Beef sandwiches yum!


  1. I love this doll! What memories, and a great and exciting twist on a classic story doll :)

  2. Thanks Amy wait until you see the next ones.