Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy week!

So this week is getting off to a great big batch of pink eye at my house. I have 2 kids home today husband picking up meds for them this morning while at his physical therapy appointment, a lot of praying its only these 2. Had a great relaxing weekend catching up on housework, small projects and quality husband wife time. We have a busy week ahead therapy appointments, I clean 2 houses, my husbands 4 kids have this week off so they will be coming on Wednesday, and my sisters going to Las Vegas this weekend and the baby aka "Beefy", will be with us Friday night to Monday night.

Now on to a project I have going on 3 boys dolls and 1 girl doll, faces on the boys were not right for me so after staring at them for a few days I pulled some buttons out and they look so cute now. I like to take my time with the dolls I make I want them to look how I have pictured them in my head. This set of dolls I am working on right now have many details as far as their clothing and such. I am hoping for a good chunk of time today to get them more together.

Well I hope you guys have a great week and I hope to check in again soon.

Whats for dinner? Corned beef sandwiches yummmm

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