Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My craft space

Here is my craft space I have been wanting to post pictures right when I moved but life happens and this is when I got around to it. 

Here is the table my husband and I built together. We bought the top laminate piece from Home Depot and used old kitchen cabinets to hold it up. We went back and forth many time as to how to put it together, functionality etc. Below you can see my littlest one has claimed under the table as her club house.

This is where the sewing magic happens. I got this table from my dad and have hauled it with me for years and I am so happy I finally get to use it for my sewing. The bins below hold felt and odd and ends of fabric. The cabinet all the way on the left holds all my pretty fabric, I realize now I should have opened it.

My cutting tools, decorations from the kids.

My books, some embroidery thread, and my lovely metal box that holds all my buttons and misc.

This is my ironing table area. I used to do most of my creating here and have everything all over the counters but now that I have the table I have more space to lat out fabric.

On the other end of the garage, aka my craft room, is my husbands area. Just so you don't think I have all the room in this house taken up my husband does have a whole building to himself on one end of our property, we are just waiting for our landlord to put power out there.

 Well thats it, my craft space. I see all these pictures of cute craft rooms and get so many ideas but I cant make it work in this space. I one day hope to move into the house and have one of the bedrooms for my space. As for now I am very blessed and fortunate to have this bit of space. I am also very, very blessed to have a husband who understands my creativity, and how therapeutic my crafts are for me. Thanks Babe!

Have a good day all!!

Whats for dinner? We are having homemade chicken strips, mashed potatoes and green beans.

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