Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Face care

I have been given many compliments lately about how great my skin looks and how young I look. I have been mistaken by most people, except those that know me, for my two oldest daughters older sister mostly by women. So today I though I would share what I use and how I do it.

I am a loyal Olay girl have been for about 10 plus years now. I use these two in the morning after I put my conditioner in my hair I apply a quarter size amount of Olay blemish control to the palm of my hand and a small amount of water then apply to my face. I leave it on while I wash the rest of myself and when it comes to taking it off I don't just rinse it away I use a washcloth to make sure I get all the soap residue. When I am done drying off I apply the Olay complete UV lotion.

At night before bed I was my face with Olay age defying face wash, I leave it one for a few minutes, I will usually apply and go ask the kids if they have their outfits picked out for the next day. After I wash is off with warm water on a washcloth I apply a small amount of Olay regenerist  and a recent addition to my regime has been the Nivea I will apply that after the Olay regenerist, just a small amount and massage my face a little.

Now this might not be what you want to do but I thought I would share what I use and how I do it. Ever since I can remember My aunts and my grandmother really stressed how important it is to take care of your skin so its just part of my life. As far as cost well here ya go
Olay Total effects blemish control- $7-$8
Olay complete lotion- $6-$7
Olay age defying wash- $6-$7
Olay Regenerist lotion- $18
Nivea I have no idea the kids got it for Christmas and gave it to me. 
I use coupons and wait for sales for these things I try to never pay full price for them.
Have a great day all!

Whats for dinner? We are having pancakes! Heart shaped of coarse.

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  1. I love that blue pot of Nivea, you can use it on absolutely anything!
    Really helpful post :-)