Friday, January 27, 2012


                                             So to be a little more country we got chickens.
Rhode Island Red Chickens

 The great thing about our new house it gives us the ability to have them. The previous owner of this house used to raise peacocks, swans and deer I guess. There is a little out building on the side of our property the we turned in to the hen house. We started off with five chickens and now have four. We woke up one morning to her just being gone. My five year old wanted to make missing signs, we all got a good laugh out of that one. It was the one chicken who would walk up to you like she was saying good morning. 
They dont require much work as long as you are on top of it. I love going out there in the morning to give them some scraps of food and they all come running over, they run pretty fast.  The kids love to go get eggs everyday, hold them and play with them. We are thinking of getting more during March so it is warmer for chicks. Did you know they have chickens that lay eggs that are green, and blue? Have a good day all!!!

Whats for dinner? We are having beans and rice tonight I cant wait!!!

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  1. I want chickens! I think that's hilarious to put out missing signs - but why not?! :)