Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All of our green lines

Here I sit thinking about the history some of the pieces I have come across. One wonders who might have had it in their house, garage, bathroom etc. Maybe it's been on a boat, seen a fight, heard a ghost. One's mind can wander far into an imaginary history. This piece makes me think 1970's velour couch with plastic on it. Perhaps it sat on the coffee table with the occasional peanuts or some kind of snack in it. Then shuffled off to the garage, where it sat in a box for years until the owners had a garage sale and this is when I enter the dish's story, I just walk up and see its potential as a gift, a prop in a movie about the 70's, or a little snack dish at home.
 I have this quirky thing I have told my kids when you go somewhere new you are making a green line on your map of life, like in the cartoons when they travel. It makes sense to them. When we go down a street they have never been they proudly say "I'm making a green line, Mom." :)

So this dish has made a new green line in its life also, to my house, like a pit stop.  When it is sold I will let you know where its green line will be next.
Till next time keep it random

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