Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hi everyone I wanted to check in and let you know whats been going on over her in my part of the universe. Carting the kids around to various activities, Tiv to therapy, prom dress shopping with my 17 year old, kids being sick here and there and a couple of mile stones for me. 

First my baby is turning 18 in a few weeks and will be off to college I know I have talked about it before but it is getting closer and I am seeing growth in her I have never seen before. To see your child transform is amazing. I almost feel sorry for my last one I wont want her to go, but we have to cut the cord and let them go. Don't get me wrong my 17 year old has a lot more growing to do but she is doing a great job, I couldn't be more proud.

Tiv has been making good progress in therapy and we are learning so much in the sessions too. We are required to attend the same sessions that she is in so we all can learn the same things, cant complain its going well. 

As for me I am in the beginnings of a spiritual journey and learning about myself on a different level. I had a light bulb moment while driving the other day. I don't know quite how to word this so I will try my best. I kept having kids to fill some void I was feeling inside. Children love parents unconditional when they are babies they look at you so lovingly, they trust you and just need you. I was also trying to maintain happiness in a broken relationship. I do not live with regrets or look back on how I could have done things better if I had only done this or that. I like to move forward and deal with what I have been given in the best way possible. Which leads me into my next revelation I am a professional mom. I was given these children to raise and take care of the best I can. There are hard times any mother will tell you but I have been truly blessed to be able to stay at home and be here for my kids when they need me for the smallest thing to the biggest thing. 

How are you guys doing?

Whats for dinner? I am not sure what I am in the mood for yet so lets say chefs surprise :)

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