Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Speaking loudly

After much thought and reflection I have decided to open another Etsy shop, as a supplier of vintage supplies. My stock will always vary, be strange and grow. My sister and I happen to go to a yard sale this weekend and my inner whispering voice spoke loudly to me. We were in the middle of a bead explosion. We looked at each other bought everything we could came home and the conversation just slowly but naturally went where we both needed it to go. We will have one big element to the shop but that is a work in progress, we want to do it the proper way, so we will be keeping that to ourselves for a little bit. My sister and I are a year and a day apart, we have been crafting since I can remember this is the next natural step for both of us. Stay tuned for more info.

I love the feeling of peace and calm knowing everything is in the right place.

Till next time , keep it random....

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