Friday, July 20, 2012

Talking To Children.

Children are the most interesting creatures on this planet, except giraffes possibly (I'm still trying to figure out what noise they make, do they make a noise?). Go ask your kids a question, and I promise you, you'll get one of the most interesting answers you've ever heard.
Or all the questions they ask. The constant badgering may seem annoying, but they're so curious. They ask incredibly thoughtful questions (sometimes) and you might not even notice. My stepson once asked, "Where's a good place to hide when the world ends?" and my fifteen-year-old turned it into a song.
Kids are strange, definitely. They cry over the simplest things, like my daughter right now, she's sobbing over her soda that got drank, and not by her. My other daughter has cried over how high her ponytail was. My son has cried over his Legos. But kids are amazing little things. They bounce back from accidents with only a few tears, maybe anger for a bit, but there's not grudges like adults have. They remember the weirdest things--like that time they went to a restaurant, but not their siblings' birthdays, the words to a song, but not what they did during school that day.
They want to rebel constantly, do what they're told not to do, while other times all they want to do is impress mom and dad and do everything exactly right.
Kids are strange, definitely, but extremely interesting. So next time you talk to your kid, ask some questions, listen to answers, maybe write them down so you can show them when they're older.

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